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Nov 17
Ali Titanic, Videos Comments Off on Titanic to return to theaters for 20th anniversary

Twenty years later, and we’re still not letting go.

Titanic will celebrate its 20th anniversary next month by returning to theaters on Friday, Dec. 1. The film’s official Twitter account posted a video of director James Cameron promoting the news, saying that it “was like seeing it for the first time,” referencing the fact that the re-release will be in Dolby Vision exclusively at AMC Theatres.

While the return to theaters gives fans the opportunity to relive all of their favorite memories from the modern classic, its stint back on the big screen – much like the famed ship itself – won’t last forever. Titanic will only be in theaters for one week before sailing away once more. Perhaps that still gives fans enough time to embrace the friendship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet through the years and debate the film’s final scene involving Rose and Jack.

Check out the trailer for Titanic‘s return to theaters above, and make sure to get in the proper mindset by listening to “My Heart Will Go On” a few times before the big day.


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