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Jan 16
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Kate Winslet presented Michael Fassbender with the International Star Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival the night before.

And though their movie was released more than two months ago, the two stars got together to discuss Steve Jobs for a SAG Q&A to a crowd of several actors.

The two talented actors attended a screening and panel for their critically-acclaimed drama at the legendary Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California on Sunday.

Kate and Michael were very open at the event as they touched on several topics including the process working on the Steve Jobs biopic, their process when working on an accent for a role and overcoming nervousness when filming a scene.

The talented 38-year-old German-Irish actor insisted that young thespians should not feel the need to get something right all the time or be afraid to fail.
Fassbender elaborated: ‘The first take is my favourite take because you have nothing to lose in that take and nobody knows what’s going to happen.’

The 40-year-old Academy Award winning actress Winslet also talked about the nervousness that comes along with filming a scene for the first time.
She said: ‘On take one everyone feels just a little bit sick and sometimes, you know, it’s nice to see what’s in the vomit.’

As they both play Americans in Steve Jobs, one audience member queried the actors how difficult it is to lose their Irish and British accents.

Winslet said that it is not an easy task for her as she said: ‘I actually don’t find accents easy, I have to really work hard on them. And you really have to work on them at the time and it isn’t something that you can kind of invent.’

She went on to explain that Fassbender would listen to Jobs on his iPod as she would do the same with her character Joanna Hoffman, who is Jobs’ confidante and Apple marketing executive, to listen to the rhythm of her voice, sounds she would make and constant practice at times with a dialect coach.

As the Titanic actress spoked plenty about the painstaking work that goes into a role, she left the audience of aspiring actors with a very positive message as she said: ‘Acting is the most incredible job in the world to do and don’t let anyone knock you.

‘Just keep going because it’s worth it, really worth it. I just do have to say that. I love it. I’ve been doing it since I was nine-years-old and it’s just fantastic. So you’ve chosen the right path for sure.’

Winslet looked chic in a sleeveless black top with matching trousers as she wore her blonde locks down in a middle-part as she had natural, complimentary make-up on her face.
Fassbender looked handsome in a black blazer with a light blue button-down and brown trousers.

The previous night the two stars were much more dressed to the nines as Winslet presented Fassbender with the film festival’s International Star Award for his performance as the late Apple founder.


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