11 Feb 16
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I have added some new stills that were released from Kate’s new film Triple 9.

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Kate Winslet Web > 2016 | Triple Nine > Production Stills

11 Feb 16
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Kate shares with People.com why she won’t be boycotting the Oscars this year … and it isn’t just because of Leo.

Sure, Kate Winslet’s nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar this year – but there’s another reason why the actress says she would never miss attending the ceremony.

“I feel very strongly that it may possibly be Leo’s year,” Winslet said about DiCaprio at the London premiere of her latest film, Triple 9 on Tuesday, according to Vanity Fair. “He is my closest friend in the world and I just couldn’t imagine not being there to support him.”

DiCaprio is widely considered to be an Oscar frontrunner for his lead role in The Revenant. If he wins, it will be his first time taking home the award after four previous nominations.

Winslet has stayed close with the actor since they burst onto the scene together as romantic interests in Titanic back in 1997.

“He’s a solid, loyal person,” Winslet recently told PEOPLE. “He’s a great friend, he always has been, and not just to me, but to everyone around him. He still has friends he had when we made Titanic.”

In addition to supporting DiCaprio, Winslet explained another reason why she won’t be joining some celebs in boycotting the event despite the lack of minority nominees.

“To be honest with you, it has been such an extraordinary year for women. I’d feel like I was letting my side down if I didn’t go,” Winslet told reporters, including the BBC. “I think those are reasons enough really to show my face.”

Winslet, meanwhile, is nominated for the seventh time in her career for her role in Steve Jobs. She previously took home the Oscar for best actress in 2009 for The Reader.

11 Feb 16
Articles, Co-StarsComments Off on Kate Winslet Gets Emotional Talking About Leonardo DiCaprio, Also Reveals Who She’s Wearing to the Oscars

Jack and Rose’s Titanic love is stronger than ever.

Kate Winslet is more than hopeful that Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar for his work in The Revenant.

“It does really feel as though it’s Leo’s year and I’m just super excited for him,” Winslet told E! News earlier today while promoting her new flick Triple 9. “And [there’s] the sense of good will behind him, and that everyone wants it for him. You know, people in the streets. It’s really really wonderful. I think it’s real testament to that fact that he’s such a lovely person and that people really not only admire him but also really like him and respect him.

“I feel quite proud of that, it’s lovely,” she said, holding back tears. “I keep getting emotional when I talk about Leo.”
Too sweet.

Meanwhile, Winslet revealed who she’ll be wearing to the Oscars, where she’s up for actress in a supporting role for her work in Steve Jobs.

“I’m working with Ralph Lauren and they’re making something for me and it’s lovely,” she said. “It’s been a really fun process actually and them including me quite a lot and my ideas, their ideas, and what works and what doesn’t. It should be fun. I just want to be comfortable. I just don’t want to have any zips that break. That’s my whole thing, zips. I have zip fear.”
But she refuses to let the fashion critics get the best of her. “You get on the carpet and all bets are off,” Winslet said. “You just smile and wave, just get through it and then don’t read any press. That’s my trick–I don’t look at any of it. I just get through it, have a glass of champagne and go home.”

Triple 9 is in theaters on Feb. 26.


08 Feb 16
Articles, Co-StarsComments Off on Kate Winslet Reveals How Leonardo DiCaprio Has Changed (and Not) Since Titanic: ‘He’s Gotten More Handsome!’

Kate spoke with People.com about her friendship with Leo and how he has changed in the past 30 years.

It’s no secret every time Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are in the same room, people have immediate flashbacks of when they first starred together in 1997.

Since filming Titanic in their early 20s, the duo have remained close.

In this week’s issue, Winslet, 40, tells PEOPLE that DiCaprio, 41, has changed since they first worked together, but he’s still the same Leo who stole the hearts of many nearly 20 years ago.

“He’s a solid, loyal person,” Winslet says. “He’s a great friend, he always has been, and not just to me, but to everyone around him. He still has friends he had when we made Titanic.”

The Steve Jobs actress adds, “In many ways he hasn’t changed a bit, but in other ways he absolutely has changed.”

“He’s a stronger actor in this moment than he’s ever been,” says Winslet, who also costarred with DiCaprio in 2008’s Revolutionary Road. “I think he’s more handsome than he’s ever been. And he feels, to me, the most settled he’s ever felt, in himself, right now, which is quite strange, really, given that there’s a lot happening around him.”

DiCaprio has been picking up award after award this season, including a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award, for his role in The Revenant. The film is also nominated for 12 Oscars, while Winslet is herself up for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Steve Jobs.

The two pals have recently been spotted together at awards shows, thrilling many of their may fans.

“He’s quite centered and calm, and that’s different to the way he was 20 years ago,” she says.

02 Feb 16
Interviews, VideosComments Off on Kate on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kate did an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she spoke about the Screen Actors Guild Awards, her first ever awards, touching Susan Sarandon’s breast, enjoying winning awards … she even answers that question about whether or not Jack could have fit on that door in the ocean! How I love this shameless woman!

01 Feb 16
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Saturday night Kate attended the Screen Actors Guild … she looked gorgeous in a green fishtail gown by Armani which she accented with jewels by Neil Lane.

Thank you to Carol, Lindsey, Gabby, Mouza & AliKat for sharing some of these pics with

Gallery Links:
Kate Winslet Web > 2016 > January 30 | Screen Actors Guild Awards
Kate Winslet Web > 2016 > January 30 | Screen Actors Guild Awards – Audience

25 Jan 16
Images, TitanicComments Off on Gallery Update | Titanic Stills

I added 153 stills from Kate’s performance as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the 1998 film Titanic to our gallery.

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Kate Winslet Web > 1997 | Titanic > Production Stills

20 Jan 16
Events, ImagesComments Off on London Critics Circle Film Awards

Sunday night Kate attended the London Critics Circle Film Awards where she won best supporting actress for her role in Steve Jobs. Images from the event have been added to the gallery.

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Kate Winslet Web > 2016 > January 17 | London Critics Circle Film Awards

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