28 Feb 16
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I have the first images of Kate arriving at the Academy Awards tonight.

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Kate Winslet Web > 2016 > February 28 | The Academy Awards

17 Feb 16
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Having put on an array of foreign accents in her award-winning career, British actress Kate Winslet says she really wants to play an English character, adding it would be “the ultimate challenge”.

The “Titanic” star has pretended to be American, Australian, Polish-Armenian and in her latest film, crime thriller “Triple 9”, a Russian-Israeli mafia boss.

“My M.O. (modus operandi) is just keep doing the unexpected. Although I do also keep trying to play an English person but that just doesn’t keep happening for me at the moment,” Winslet told Reuters in an interview.

“That would be the ultimate challenge and then I’d have no dialect coach at all. No one to have my back and I would be all by myself and probably more terrified than ever before. Wouldn’t that be novel?”

Winslet plays the bejewelled and designer-clad Irina Vlaslov in action-packed “Triple 9” about corrupt police and the criminal underworld — a role she said “felt very out of my comfort zone”.

“I don’t know anyone like this woman. I didn’t like her. I didn’t empathize with her. I wanted that challenge of playing a character who really felt like a character,” she said.

Winslet is in the running for an Academy Award for her portrayal in “Steve Jobs” of the late Apple co-founder’s colleague Joanna Hoffman.

She won an Oscar for “The Reader”, an Emmy Award for “Mildred Pierce”, a Best Spoken Word Album For Children Grammy for “Listen to the Storyteller”, meaning she is just missing a Tony Award to complete the “EGOT” acronym of all four major entertainment honours.

Asked if going to Broadway was next, Winslet said: “Well I suppose it probably is now. And that’s more because of my 12-year-old son Joe, who … is just obsessed with records.”

“So since he has learnt about this ‘EGOT’ thing, he’s like, ‘Mum you’ve gotta do it.'”

Winslet has backed her “Titanic” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio to win the best actor Oscar this year for “The Revenant”.

Both have been honoured this awards season, reuniting on the red carpet, much to the delight of “Titanic” fans, something that surprised Winslet.

“It’s crazy but it’s wonderful how people still get such a kick out of the (“Titanic” characters) Jack and Rose combo.”


15 Feb 16
Articles, Co-StarsComments Off on Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Props to Kate Winslet for Cheering Him On Amid BAFTAs Reunion: ‘That’s My Homegirl!’

Leonardo DiCaprio is giving some big-ups to one of his biggest supporters.

The Revenant actor, who walked away with the best actor prize at the BAFTA Awards Sunday, gave a shout-out to Titanic costar and longtime pal Kate Winslet for her unwavering support amid his triumphant awards-season run.

“My main groupie?” DiCaprio, 41, said with a laugh when reporters backstage dubbed Winslet just that, while asking about the outpouring of support he’s received from her and many others.

“It feels amazing,” he explained. “Honestly, I have a true love for cinema. I have, ever since I was a young teenager … So to have worked in this industry ever since I was 13 years old, having done 20-something movies and to be here now, and have it be for a film like this that we worked so very hard on, it feels amazing. It feels fantastic.”

He then added: “And Kate – that’s my homegirl!”

Winslet, 40, for her part, spoke out about DiCaprio at the BAFTAs – while answering one of life’s eternal questions: Could Jack have fit on that door with Rose as the Titanic sank in the background?

Winslet and DiCaprio just can’t escape the debate, even 19 years later, to the point where Winslet was even asked why there’s so much fuss about the iconic door while in the BAFTA Awards press room.

“Do you know what’s lovely? So much time has passed that it doesn’t matter what I say now,” Winslet said. “It’s not going to be a story that causes a huge furor. It’ll just be something that makes people laugh.”

“Thank God for time and the passing of it, that’s all I can say!”

Winslet, who took home the BAFTA award for best supporting actress for her role in Steve Jobs, says DiCaprio doesn’t feel quite the same about that piece of wood.

“He doesn’t care about the door,” Winslet says.

But even though Mythbusters took a scientific approach to settle the debate once and for all (determining that, yes, if they put Rose’s lifejacket under the door, they both could’ve survived), the controversy lives on.


15 Feb 16
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Kate shares in the BAFTA press room about what she did to get the part in Steve Jobs! Such a fun clip!

20 years on from her first BAFTA! Kate Winslet dedicates her BAFTA speech to any young women who doubts herself.

15 Feb 16
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Congratulations to Kate on her win at last night’s BAFTA Awards where she won for Best Supporting actress for her role in Steve Jobs.

My friends Helen, Carol, Claudia and AliKat kindly sent us some of these pictures!

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12 Feb 16
ImagesComments Off on Madame Figaro Outtakes

Madame Figaro has released these beautiful new outtakes of Kate from their newest issue. I especially love the one of Kate surrounded by roses.

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12 Feb 16
Events, ImagesComments Off on Triple 9 Screening in London

Earlier this week Kate and her co-stars attended a screening of their new film Triple 9 in London.

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Kate Winslet Web > 2016 > February 9 | Triple 9 Screening in London

12 Feb 16
Interviews, VideosComments Off on What Do Rachel McAdams, Kate Winslet, and Brie Larson Want to Be Remembered For?

How would you like to remembered after all is said and done?

PEOPLE posed the question to several Oscar nominees as part of this year’s portfolio and video series saluting the great female performances of 2015.

Best Supporting Actress nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight) joked, “It’s like writing your own obit or something.”

Then she added she wanted “To have created characters that hit home that you recognize and understand somehow even if who they are and what they’re going through is antithetical to your own life.”

Fellow Supporting Actress nominee Rachel McAdams (Spotlight) said, “I would like to be remembered for kindness.”

Best Actress contender Brie Larson (Room) has high aspirations. “Well, my dream was always to have a stamp. I feel like people who have a stamp really did something,” she said.

“They really did some acts of service.”

Alicia Vikander, up for Best Supporting Actress for The Danish Girl, said, “That I was brave, that I dared to try new things. I think hopefully that will make it an interesting life to look back on. That you never really knew what turn I was going to take. I still love not knowing where I’m going to be in 10 years.”

2008 Oscar-winner Kate Winslet, whose performance in Steve Jobs earned her a supporting nod this year, said, “I would most like to be remembered as an actress who always played different roles. Who always tried something new. Who always pushed boundaries, challenged herself.”

And Charlotte Rampling, nominated for her first Academy Award for her work in 45 Years, added, “I will hope that I’ve made people feel what I’ve felt.”

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