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Oct 23, 15 Ali   Articles, Events Comments Off on Zoë Saldana, Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek and More Celebrate Female Empowerment

Hollywood’s most influential women, including Kate Winslet, Amy Schumer, Salma Hayek and Nikki Reed, gathered in Beverly Hills Monday to celebrate their achievements – and to discuss continued gender inequality – at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.

Zoë Saldana also took part in the event and talked frankly about the challenges women in their industry continue to face.

“It’s hard because when a man speaks up he’s a genius, and when a woman speaks up she’s a b—-,” Saldana told reporters on the red carpet. “She’s difficult, she’s a diva.”

But fortunately, the 37-year-old actress says addressing that double-standard becomes easier with age.

“You go through your twenties trying to find yourself and you find yourself more preoccupied with wanting to please than wanting to stand up for yourself,” she explains. “Thank God your thirties come and you kind of go, ‘I want to break free.’ And you kind of let go and you start giving a lot of people the finger. And then, you’re happy.”

Winslet, 40, also shared her thoughts on what traits make up a positive female role model.

“Someone who can be true to themselves, honest about who they are,” she said. “Someone who feels confident within themselves. I think beauty really does come from within and confidence plays a huge part in that.”

Fortunately, she knows just the woman in Hollywood who embodies those traits: Emma Thompson!

“Emma Thompson is a very dear friend of mine and has always been a wonderful source of inspiration to me and a great beacon of strength as well simply because she’s a remarkable person who believes in herself and believes in supporting other women,” Winslet said. “That’s a great wish that we could all be like that.”

Like Winslet, Nina Dobrev also credits strong female friends as inspiration.

“I have the best girlfriends,” she said. “Ones that support me and I support them and I want to see the best for them … That’s the best thing in world.

“We all went to high school, we all felt the bullying and we’ve been in an environment where there isn’t support,” she continued. “It’s refreshing to be now an adult and to find people around me that it’s not like that anymore.”

Schumer, who has emerged as an outspoken feminist in the past year, spoke in even more straightforward terms about women in Hollywood.

When asked what kind of roles she would like to see created for women, she replied: “Human beings. Like, them playing human beings instead of, like, a caricatures from the 1920s.”


Oct 23, 15 Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on Kate at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards

This past Monday Kate attended the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. She looked gorgeous in a black & blue Stella McCartney.

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Oct 19, 15 Ali   Events, Interviews, Steve Jobs, Videos Comments Off on Kate Interviews from the London Film Festival

Kate is interviewed as she walked the red carpet yesterday for the London Film Festival premiere of Steve Jobs. Here are clips from 3 of them.

Oct 19, 15 Ali   Events, Images, Steve Jobs, Videos Comments Off on London Film Festival Steve Jobs Press Conference

Earlier in the day yesterday, Kate joined her castmates for a press conference for Steve Jobs at the London Film Festival. I have added images from the panel to the gallery plus here is a video from the panel.

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Oct 18, 15 Ali   Images Comments Off on London Film Festival Premiere of Steve Jobs

Tonight Kate attended the premiere of her film Steve Jobs at the London Film Festival. She looked amazing in a floor-length form fitting belted dress with backless detail.

The first images from the event are in the gallery. Will add more as I find them.

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Oct 18, 15 Ali   Articles, Family Comments Off on Kate Winslet on Her Mini-Me Mia: ‘I Love a Forward-Thinking Daughter’

Kate shares with People about her daughter Mia and how she is a great help and quite smart!

Now that Kate Winslet‘s daughter Mia is 15 years old, the Steve Jobs star says she is starting to become just like her.

“Her brain works the same way that mine does now, which is brilliant,” Winslet, 40, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I love a forward-thinking daughter.”

The mother of three — Mia, Joe, 11, and Bear, 22 months — says having an older daughter helps when it comes to taking care of her younger boys.

After giving birth to Bear in 2014, her son with husband Ned Rocknroll, Winslet says her daughter is “incredibly helpful to me as a woman.”

“I’ll say to her, ‘Mims, can you please have Bear for the next hour? I’m just gonna grab a shower and I got a couple things I got to do,’ ” Winslet says. “She’s like, ‘Yep, sure!’ ”

She adds, “It’s really special in terms of, that’s what families are about. Children should play with each other and look after each other. That’s really what we have and it’s very special and something that I never could have anticipated.”

Oct 18, 15 Ali   Images, Steve Jobs Comments Off on New Steve Jobs Stills

I have added some stills that were released from Kate’s newest film Steve Jobs where she stars as Joanna.

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Oct 17, 15 Ali   Finding Neverland, Images Comments Off on Finding Neverland Gallery Update

If I had to choose a favorite of all of Kate’s films it would have to be Finding Neverland. The film is probably one of my all-time favorites and I actually rewatched it today and have added images to the gallery from the film.

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