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Oct 06, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Idris Elba says Kate Winslet, Jessica Chastain among best actors he’s ever worked with Co-Stars, Mountain Between Us, Videos

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly on Idris Elba’s home turf in London, the 45-year-old actor — who has three movies coming out before the end of this year (The Mountain Between Us, Thor: Ragnarok, and Molly’s Game) – initially tried to diplomatically hem and haw his way out of the question. Who is […]

Oct 05, 17   Ali   Comments Off on TIFF’s Actor x Actor Conversation Co-Stars, Mountain Between Us, Videos

I came across this interview that Kate and Idris did while at the Toronto Film Festival recently. Thought it was a great interview for you to enjoy: Kate Winslet and Idris Elba joined us at TIFF ’17 with their film THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US. While they were here, we sat them down in Studio 9 […]

Oct 05, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Kate & Idris Talk about The Mountain Between Us Co-Stars, Mountain Between Us, Videos

Kate & Idris have been promoting their new film The Mountain Between Us this past week. Here are two interviews: Join Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, and director Hany Abu-Assad in HBO’s screening room where they share a scene and talk about the new upcoming movie, The Mountain Between Us. Check out my interview with Kate […]

Oct 05, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Idris Elba Says Kate Winslet Was Tougher Than Him While Shooting The Mountain Between Us Co-Stars, Mountain Between Us, Videos

Idris did an interview with People’s editor Jess Cagle talking about filming The Mountain Between Us: Idris Elba says his co-star Kate Winslet was tougher than him while shooting ‘The Mountain Between Us’ in subzero conditions.

Sep 28, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Kate on Good Morning America Interviews, Videos

Been a busy week for our girl Kate! She also stopped by Good Morning America! The Oscar-winning actress appeared live on “Good Morning America” to discuss her new film, “The Mountain Between Us,” which comes just two months before the 20th anniversary of the release of “Titanic.”

Sep 28, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Kate Visits The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Images, Interviews, Videos

This week Kate stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and told some great stories! Oh and her beautiful singing voice! Gallery Links: Kate Winslet Web > 2017 > September 26 | The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon – Show Clips: Kate Winslet admits she went through a haircutting phase until she accidentally trimmed […]

Sep 21, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Meet GLAMOUR’s brand-new cover star: Kate Winslet Magazines, Videos

Kate is featured on the October cover of Glamour UK. She talks about her new film and her friendship with Leo! And yes, we asked her about Leo… Who doesn’t love Kate Winslet? She’s a national goddamn treasure and now she’s our brand new cover star. She wasn’t easy to get hold of though – […]

Jul 07, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Winslet: Armani makes you feel ‘confident and proud’ Videos

The Associated Press interviewed Kate and some others from the red carpet of Giorgio Armani’s Paris Fashion Week show. Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts and Priyanka Chopra were among the guests at Georgio Armani’s star-studded Haute Couture show in Paris.

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