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Nov 18, 15   Ali   Comments Off on 6 Minutes With Kate Winslet

Elle did an interview with Kate and asked her some fun questions. Read the interview below! Kate Winslet has the rare talent of being one of the most recognisable actresses on the planet while still managing to totally embody the mind-bendingly diverse array of characters she’s played in her 23-year career. She’s the actress who […]

Nov 18, 15   Ali   Comments Off on 8 Top Actresses on Pay Gap, Sex Scenes & the Price of Speaking Frankly

The Hollywood Reporter met with Kate and seven other amazingly talented actresses for thier annual Actress Roundtable! Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Jane Fonda, Carey Mulligan, Brie Larson, Helen Mirren and Charlotte Rampling join for THR’s annual fun, frank and uncensored Actress Roundtable. When eight of the world’s most accomplished performers gathered in one […]

Nov 18, 15   Ali   Comments Off on Kate Winslet on Honing Her Dialect for ‘Steve Jobs’ and Her Time With Joanna Hoffman

Kate spoke with Variety about her new film Steve Jobs and what she took away from the role. Kate Winslet plays Apple marketing executive Joanna Hoffman in “Steve Jobs,” a role that’s garnering buzz for yet another invitation to the Oscars for her. Winslet, who has six nominations in the acting categories, won in 2009 […]

Oct 19, 15   Ali   Comments Off on Kate Interviews from the London Film Festival

Kate is interviewed as she walked the red carpet yesterday for the London Film Festival premiere of Steve Jobs. Here are clips from 3 of them.

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